welcome to Shri Tirupati Balajee Pvt. ITI.                   Affiliated to SCVTUP

School Activities

Co-Curricular & Extra Curricular Activities

These activities, which are of utmost importance to groom students’ personalities and inculcate in them leadership and responsibility, fellowship and camaraderie, team sprit and co-operation, initiative and sound value system, are a common feature. Students are kept engaged in such activities round the year.

Educational Tour Trips and Excisions

Students are provided with plenty of opportunities to get them exposed to the outside treasure. Various outings are organized to make them face the hardships and challenges of life and also inculcate in them a spirit of adventure and love for wildlife and nature.

Sports and Games

Vardhman Mania is always committed to make its students sports persons of high repute. To achieve this it encourages its students to participate in all competitions within and outside school. The school provides facilities of Gymnastic, Skating, Basket ball, Volley ball, Foot ball, Cricket, Table tennis, Chess, Carom etc. which keep them fit in mind as well as body.

House System & Competitions

House system of Vardhman Mania speaks for its qualitative performance. There are four houses namely Prosperity, Dignity, Humanity & Liberty. Students are assigned houses at the time of admission and in order to instill in them leadership qualities, and vision orientation they are given special responsibilities.

Inter-House competitions are organized round the year in school. Students put in industrious efforts to add glory to their respective houses.

Parents -Teacher Meetings

To update parents about the progress of their children Parent –Teacher meetings are hold quite frequently. These meetings start with open meetings and then followed by meeting with teachers individually. Parents can also visit school to meet the principal with prior appointment.

Workshops and Seminars

Workshops and Seminars are organized on a regular basis for both teachers and students for enhancing their knowledge and perspective. Workshops by leading publishers providing illustrations for the course books by their authors are a regular feature. Workshops are also organized on moral & social issues by eminent experts in the field. The school has an agreement with the Management Development Institute, which conducts regular workshops for the teaching as well as non-teaching staff.